U-Pick Blueberries

U-Pick Blueberries

Late June - Early July

The 2023 Blueberry Season has begun! While we have planted thousands of blueberry plants for harvest this year and beyond, we are picking on a limited number of mature plants until then. Because of the unbalanced demand for the limited number of plants we have, we utilize a picking ticket system, so those who do get a ticket have a low-pressure experience. 

To get notified when extra berries are ripe for U-Pick, please share your mobile number to the right, and we’ll send you a message when berries are ripe.

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Plan Your Visit:

Please read this whole page so you’re ready for the next ticket release.

  • Our field is exclusively U-Pick.
  • U-picks are pre-scheduled events. Because we are crop and weather dependent, we do not allow walk up picking.
  • We love dogs, but we cannot allow them in our U-pick field for food safety reasons. Please leave your pets at home for this farm visit.
  • We would love to forecast our berry picking availability more than 12 hours out; it would make our jobs a lot easier.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible, so please check this page daily for the following day’s field status.
  • The fields will close in the event of inclement weather or when we get picked out.
  • Wear older, closed-toed shoes. Boots are never a bad idea because we often have puddles and mud on our farm.
  • The Market Barn and Garden Center will remain open during regular business hours as posted on top of the page even if we close the blueberry fields.

2023 U-Pick Prices

  • Berries will be paid for in the field. Please bring payment with you when picking.
  • A Field Pass is required: $2.95 per person age 2 and up.
  • Berries are $4.99 lb. 
What to Bring
  • Guests will walk to the field, total walking distance may exceed 1,000 ft of uneven farm field terrain.
  • Boots or older shoes are strongly encouraged.
  • Picking Pails will be provide. You may recycle a pail from a previous visit!
  • Strollers will be challenging to navigate in the strawberry field.

Be sure to check this page IMMEDIATELY before each visit as picking availability and conditions change quickly.  If we need to adjust a picking time or cancel a pick, it will be announced here. 

Coming Later in the Season:

U-Pick Blackberries & the famous Potato Dig!

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