Photography at B&B

Policies: Photography & Dogs

Photo Policy

We welcome local photographers to the farm to take photos and use our berry “gourd”eous farm as a background for your photos all year!

Please read this in its entirety before planning your visit:

  • Photographers may come to Fall on the Farm or Strawberry Days for photoshoots. Everyone in your party must purchase an admission ticket (clients and photographers)
  • Please, NO excessive photography team, equipment, tools, props or other gear outside of a small camera bag that can be carried easily through the farm. This is to ensure no disruption of other patrons while they visit.
  • Please, no solicitation or sales of photography packages/shoots while on the premises with guests you are not working with. Any photographers who are seen self-promoting/selling their photography services will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund on their admission.
  • Our sunflower field will begin blooming by late September/early October. Please do not cut sunflowers as props.
  • When thinking about times to schedule your clients, be aware that admission is ONLINE ONLY. Tickets are available in 15-minute intervals. Weekend tickets sell out well in advance.
  • Please note that festival weekends are busy and will have a lot of people who may be in the background of your photos. Please be kind and courteous to all guests, and don’t let the photo sessions disrupt their experience.
  • We will NOT be offering any special “golden hour” times outside of regular business hours. We will have two special events that take place in the evening in the fall, Sips & Sunflowers and Pups, Pints, and Pumpkins. There will also be additional evening events throughout the year like popup u-pick evenings. You may purchase admission to any of these events along with your clients to come and take photos. Same rules above apply.

Feel free to tag us on social media! Our Instagram is @bloomsandberries
You can also Geo-Tag when visiting, and we might share your photos with our followers (with your permission)!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Dog Policy

Dogs are not allowed in the U-Pick fields due to food safety concerns. Friendly dogs on 6 ft non-retractable leashes are allowed provided they are not reactive to situations found on a farm or in public places. This includes but is not limited to: animals, kids, dogs, etc. Please note, during Fall on the Farm we cannot allow dogs on the hayride due to the close proximity to other guests. Dogs are also not permitted in the corn maze as the hayride is the only way to access the corn maze. We also cannot watch or “sit” your dog while you are “hayriding”.