Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Dogs Allowed?
A: Dogs are not allowed in the U-Pick fields due to food safety concerns, however friendly dogs on 6 ft non-retractable leashes are allowed provided they are not reactive to situations found on a farm or in public places. This includes but is not limited to: animals, kids, dogs etc. Please note, we cannot allow dogs on the hayride due to the close proximity to other guests. Dogs are also not permitted in the corn maze as the hayride is the only way to access the corn maze. We also cannot watch or “sit” your dog while you are “hayriding”.

Q:Are you picking today?
A: Strawberry season is Early/Mid May-Early June. Blueberry season is Mid-Late June. Blackberry season is Early July. During that time we post daily picking info here. Also, be sure to sign up for Berry Picking Updates and we’ll let you know when the crop is ready to pick!

Q: Why does your field close sometimes?
A: Sometimes we pick out of fruit and we need to rest the field to ripen for another pick later in the week. We try very hard to manage the field for the greater good, and sometimes closing a field that is picked out is the best option. This makes the most of your visit by ensuring when you come there are plenty of ripe, sweet, delicious berries to take home!

Q: Can I pick Blueberries?
A: We are working feverishly to increase our blueberry crop. To learn how to get a picking ticket visit our Blueberry U-pick page. Be sure to sign up for Berry Picking Updates and we will keep you posted on the progress of our crop!

Q: Do Adults need to pay Admission for Farmyard Fun?
A: For the 2023 Spring/Summer Season, adults (ages 15+) do not need to pay admission for the Play Yard and Petting Farm. Please note, this is only for the Play Yard & Petting Farm. Adults will need to pay for events or U-Picks during the summer.

Q: Do you offer Birthday Parties, Family Reunions or other Group Events?
A: Yes! We absolutely love our birthday and Family Parties! Scouts, religious organizations, and other groups also enjoy booking an event at our farm in the fall. Learn more and book here!

Q: What should I wear?
A: We are an authentic working farm with uneven terrain and are of course susceptible to recent weather conditions. Gym shoes are always recommended over flip flops or heels, but hiking boots are really the best, especially if it’s rained recently, you plan on going in the corn maze, etc.

Q: Are you wheelchair / stroller accessible?
A: We are working on becoming more wheelchair accessible, but currently wheelchairs need to navigate turf and gravel. In the Fall, it is very difficult to take wheelchairs or strollers in the corn maze.

Q: What if it’s raining?
A: We are open and operate in a lite rain or mist but will close down attractions during inclement weather

Q: When do Sunflowers Bloom?
A: Our Sunflower field is planted to bloom the very first weekend or two of Fall On The Farm. We typically aim for bloom starting around Sept 20th but weather often can move bloom forward or back. Always check our Fall On The Farm Page for current sunflower info. If you prefer, sign up for Sunflower field updates.

Q: In the Fall, what time is your last hayride?
A: 30 minutes before close

Q: In the Fall, what time is the last corn maze entrance?
A: 45 min before close

Q: Is lunch available?
A: During Fall on the Farm, Farmer Frank’s Grill offers beer brats & hot dogs from 11am – 5:30 on the weekends, and hot dogs at the side porch bakery for lunch during the week.