Corn Maze

Explore Our A-Maze-ing Corn Maze

We offer two mazes:

  • One 15-20 minute mini maze – great for younger families
  • One 45 minute-1 hour maze  

The Bee Waggle Dance 2023 Corn Maze

Honey bees dance to communicate the location of nectar rich flowers.  Discover your own dance as you travel the Bee Waggle Corn Maze game to find 6 unique game stations.  Create a rubbing at each game station to unlock your secret dance code once you exit.  Both 15 minute or 45 minute adventures await!  

Plan 45 – 60 minutes of your visit for this 5 acre fun filled puzzle.

Maze Rules:

To keep the maze a fun place to play, please do not:

  • Run
  • Smoke
  • Cut through the corn
  • Pick corn
  • Break the ribbon in the maze

Thank you for your help to keep our maze a safe and family fun activity!