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Educational Field Trips

Our self guided field trip program makes it easy to connect math, science, language, nutrition and social skills lessons.

Fun for All

Join us for a field trip your students will never forget!

Educational field trips to Blooms and Berries Farm Market are packed with kid-friendly fun, unique learning experiences, and unforgettable teaching tools to aid your lessons!

A Helping Hand for Teachers

Our Teacher Resource links below provide you with a Pre- and Post-Lesson Toolkit of comprehensive curriculum designed by licensed teachers as well as a list of standards your children met while enjoying their field trip to the farm.

For more information about the tours please browse the tabs below.

  • School Tours

    Weekday Groups of 10+ can enjoy the following for $6.00 per person:

    • A welcome session and farm overview with a Blooms & Berries farm representative
    • Hayride through the “I Spy Woods” and Farm Tour
    • Visit to our pumpkin patch where they can pick their very own small pumpkin
    • Complete access to our self-guided field trip activities
    • And a snack and juice box under our covered picnic area (perfect for eating your sack lunches, should you want to stay through lunch.)
    • Field Trip packages do not include the cow train

    Groups of 10+ participating in above activities may add the corn maze for an additional $2 per person.

    The corn maze is highly recommended for grades K-2 as it features a disguised learning activity focusing on how different farm characters help produce food in addition to a nutrition lesson.  See corn maze description under activities above.

    *Teachers and chaperones are required to pay admission.Groups with 50 or more will not be charged for teachers.


    Groups of 9 or less can reserve a tour for $60.00
    Groups of 10+ can reserve a tour at $6.00 per person.

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  • Tour Activities

    Welcome and Intro to the Farm 
    A Blooms & Berries farm representative will greet your group and give you a basic overview and history of our working farm.

    Hayride through the “I Spy Woods” and farm tour
    Take a hayride journey through our “I Spy Woods” where students will see the many elements of nature magnified and brought to life by a local artist. Students will have a chance to spy animals, insects and natural objects that are native to our region. After leaving the “I Spy Woods”, students will view other operational areas of the farm from the hayride. Ending our tour at the Pumpkin Patch, students will also receive a sticker congratulating them on spying the many creatures in our woods.

    Pumpkin patch and pumpkin life cycle
    Pick a pumpkin in our grassy pumpkin patch. Here students will choose their own small pumpkin included in the cost of the field trip and can help order our large scale “Life Cycle of a Pumpkin” interactive board.

    Worm Composting Bin
    Observe a worm composting bin that demonstrates how the worms help the pumpkins grow! (Then try your own back in the classroom!)

    Spookley and the sunflower patch
    Travel through the sunflower field while exploring The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin storybook trail. Follow the instructions at the various locations along the path and become a champion against bullying!

    Corn Maze
    Traverse through our 7-acre corn maze while discovering “Who ate Mrs. Farmer’s Lunch?” This Who-Dun-It challenge is a hilarious, disguised-learning activity that creates a fun, objective-driven challenge centered around the whole group. In addition, the objective is purpose driven, focused on helping a third-party character from the story. This is an agricultural lesson revolving around how each part of the farm contributes to help create your meal. Incorporating an interactive, jovial approach, the lesson focuses not only on farm life, but farm equipment and facilities. The lesson touches on teamwork, basic soil science, a balanced diet and the five food groups. Add $2 person.

    Straw Maze
    Children of all ages love our straw maze. This covered maze is made of bales of straw for children to navigate through.

    Spend time with the farm’s resident animals and learn fun facts about these magnificent creatures. Meet Bloom and Berry, our two Nubian goats, as well as Bella and Stanley our two mini- donkeys. Plus see chickens, ducks and more!

    Picnic area and Insect Sensory Bin
    – Enjoy your sack lunches in the shade under our covered picnic area. After your lunch, be sure to spend time in our jumbo Corn Kernel Sensory Bin! Children can pour, dig, scoop and bury all while searching for insects (plastic) that might be found on the farm! When they find and examine a new creature, they can identify their find on our I SPY insect wall.

    Play Yard
    – Students will enjoy their recess on the farm during this field trip! Slide down the tube slide. Swing on our custom tire horse swings and play tug-of-war! The children are sure to get plenty of exercise in our farm themed play yard!

  • Self-Guided Tour

    For children grades K-2, we suggest spending 2-3 hours on the farm to take advantage of all that we offer. (For Pre-K, we recommend budgeting 90 minutes.) After your brief overview of the farm, all activities can be done at your own discretion (with the exception of the scheduled hayride and pumpkin patch). Below are some general time suggestions to make sure that you are able to enjoy all that our farm has to offer and to assist you in planning your trip.

    • Arrival (10 minutes)
    • Welcome and intro to the farm (15 minutes)
    • Hayride through the “Whimsical Woods” and farm tour (30 minutes)
    • Pumpkin patch and pumpkin life cycle (10-20 minutes)
    • Worm composting bin (10 minutes)
    • Spookley and the sunflower patch (10-20 minutes)
    • Corn maze add $2 per person (45 minutes)
    • Straw maze (15 minutes)
    • Animals (10-20 minutes)
    • Picnic area and sensory bin (45 minutes with snack/lunch)
    • Play yard (20 minutes)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is your weather policy regarding groups with reservations?

    We understand that sometimes weather doesn’t always cooperate.  Our weather policy is that in case of a light rain, we will still offer the field trip unless we contact you to say otherwise.  We encourage an open line of communication up to 3 days before the scheduled field trip should inclement weather be forecasted.  Heavy rain or storms of any kind will require your trip to be rescheduled.  Should you need to cancel your trip for any reason, we request as much notice as possible as a courtesy to our staff and other groups.

    How many people does my group need to make a weekday reservation?

    We will book weekday groups of 10+ or any group of less willing to meet the minimum payment of $60.00

    My group is less than 10, how can you help me.

    Groups of less than 10 can take advantage of our weekday non-scheduled public hayrides from 1pm to close (see Fall On The Farm page) or schedule a group trip for a minimum payment of $60.00

    Can my moms group, scouting group, birthday party, or corporate group make a reservation even though we are not a school?

    Absolutely.  Any group of 10+ may make a reservation.

    Do teachers and chaperones pay the $6.00 as well?

    We provide a valuable experience for all ages and we guarantee you’ll have a BLAST!  Adults get pumpkins, a hayride and snack just like the students do and are also $6.00 ea. Groups with 50 or more will not be charged for teachers.

    Can you handle groups with students requiring special needs?

    This is an area we are working on.  We do not currently have means to roll a wheel chair onto our hay wagon, but if your group is functioning enough to board the hay wagon in a safe manner with or without help, we welcome you.  Students with special needs groups of any size are welcome (minimum of 10 does not apply)  We also do not charge for any chaperones or teachers assisting with handicap groups.  These people are true angels.

    Our moms group will be bringing kids of all ages, who needs to pay?

    We often find that moms have even more fun than their kids at our farm!  We ask all participating in the field trip to pay with the exception of lap babies not getting a pumpkin or snack.  A child is eligible to be considered a lap baby if he or she is under 2 years old AND is not getting a pumpkin or snack.

    Do we need to make a deposit?

    We do not require deposits as we know you’re excited for your field trip and will do your best to make it out!

    Do you take credit cards?

    To keep costs low we prefer checks or cash however for your convenience we also accept all major credit cards.

    We are a school, how do you handle a PO?

    Please bring a PO and PO number with you on the day of your field trip.  The PO should include the appropriate billing contacts.

    How early should we arrive?

    If you are paying as a group or bringing a PO, you should arrive about 15-20 minutes early.

    If your group is paying individually, we ask you arrive 30-35 minutes early to accommodate the extra time needed.  We find groups paying individually often take much more time than anticipated and this allows us to help keep you on schedule.

  • Teacher Resources

    Please feel free to utilize this material when seeking funding for your Blooms & Berries field trip.

    Additional Websites to Aid Your Lesson